The Table

table wood grain

Church doesn’t end just because worship is over. “Church” is the body of Christ seeking God’s kingdom, not just an events at the Church. Worship, Grow, Serve, and Go are important aspects of faith that shouldn’t be restricted to the hour we sit in church. That’s what the Table is all about. It’s a private social network, just for our church, that enables us to connect 24/7, not just on during Worship. We aim to engage the community, empower leaders, and move people beyond the walls of the building into life-changing friendships.

The Table is a relational, online tool, custom-tailored for the church. This tool is meant for the King of Kings family at this time. We’d love to talk to guests more in person about connecting in real life before they jump in online.
5 reasons we need the Table:

  • Connect names and faces. I’m horrible with names, but the Table gives me a cheat sheet (assuming you upload your profile picture!).
  • With six worship experiences, it’s easy to feel like those 11 o’clock people belong to a different church. The Table allows us to connect even if we never do over the weekend.
  • The Christian life is not a broadcast of information from the church staff to the members. It’s a conversation. The Table gives everyone a voice in that conversation.
  • It can be a solution to our limited resources (staff, money, time, etc.). It enables volunteer recruitment, ministry organization and member connection.
  • Why not Facebook? The Table has no skeezy ads, no spammers/hackers, plus it offers a member directory w/ map, a group catalog, it’s designed for the church and allows privacy/intimacy that Facebook can’t.

You’ll need to be approved by one of our admins, but then you can get started.

King of Kings Omaha